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SAS 2020 (Student Action Summit)


As restrictions relax and COVID-19 cases are on the downward fall how can we safely implement graphics while keeping everyone safe and moving in the correct direction during the event?


Once the design concept was finalized, our team at AAA Flag and Banner created an installation that was diverse in both materials and application. The venue was transformed from a convention center into a custom meeting place. Our trained installation crews incorporated a variety of elements, from barricade covers to stair and escalator graphics, carpet and floor decals, column wraps, perforated window and door graphics, bike rack barricades, and more. We also installed a number of touchless hand sanitizer stations throughout the venue, complete with custom fabric graphics.


Through collaboration with the Turning Point USA team, we were able to provide a variety of graphics tailor-made for the space. This holistic installation allowed for an incredibly cohesive and immersive experience.


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