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The Value of Branded Popups During COVID-19

The Value of Branded Popups During COVID-19 post preview image

Now more than ever, physical locations and storefronts are being forced to find ways to connect with their target customers. And with many looking for creative opportunities that will satisfy local reopening criteria, a more “temporary” solution could be the key to success.

The Value of In-Person Activations

For years, popup shops have been a great opportunity for retailers to evaluate consumer interest in brick-and-mortar locations. From their physical footprint to the financial capital required, event duration, and more, these short term activations are usually quite flexible for individual vendors. But as shoppers’ foot traffic continues to evolve, many storefronts are facing a very different landscape than that of just six months ago. 

AAA Flag & Banner installation for Marc Jacobs “Daisy Love” Popup

How COVID-19 Will Change the Retail Landscape

A particularly pressing concern is the estimated 25,000 stores that are expected to close permanently as a result of the pandemic. The impact spans far beyond the businesses themselves, leaving malls, shopping centers, and other retail locations with thousands of empty spaces. Landlords are already scrambling to fill vacancies and bring shoppers back to their property.

How to Leverage Popups in a Pandemic

Popups, however, pose an interesting solution. These temporary activations typically require little space, helping ensure the safety and wellbeing of shoppers and staff with plenty of social distancing. These installations can also be easily customized to satisfy the latest CDC guidelines, whether that be social distancing graphics, plexiglass germ barriers, SafeTouch antimicrobial film, or more. 

With typically high turnover from short-term activations, popups also provide consistently fresh appeal for storegoers. Customers remain incentivized to return to the property as each new vendor sets up shop. 

AAA Flag & Banner popup experiences for Pelican Products and Puma

How the Popup Industry is Evolving

Often leveraged by digital brands looking for ways to connect offline with their target audiences, popup shops are now demonstrating significant value for companies with physical locations that may be looking for more flexibility during the pandemic. 

Interested in working with AAA Flag & Banner on your next popup? Our team has worked with dozens of brands to design, manufacture, and install beautiful and on-brand activations across a variety of locations. We take extra precaution to ensure compliance with the most recent CDC guidelines. Request a quote today.