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Sports Reopening—How to Return to Play

Sports Reopening—How to Return to Play post preview image

The past few months have thrown quite a few curveballs for the sports industry as many teams across the country are now facing delayed or canceled seasons. From local little league to major sports empires, players and fans everywhere are feeling the impact of COVID-19. 

AAA Flag & Banner is helping many professional sports teams and franchises safely reopen and resume operations, although many still under unique and unusual circumstances. Without the deafening cheer of passionate sports fans, most stadiums now sit empty and eerily quiet. But as teams and athletes begin to come together, safety and wellbeing remains a top priority. And although so much still remains uncertain, one thing is for sure: team pride is stronger than ever. 

Whether your organization plans to include fans physically at your stadium or to host a more virtual experience, AAA Flag & Banner is willing and able to help you design, manufacture, and install high-impact visuals that are customized for not only your venue, but also your brand. With added value now coming from televised events, stadium graphics offer a chance for leagues and franchises to capitalize on revenue from sponsorship placements. With digital streams and viewership remaining strong among consumers, there’s an important opportunity for companies to capture the added impressions. Venues should leverage the available real estate throughout their stadium, sidelines, and tunnels to generate more revenue through paid advertising.

Our Stadium Sports capabilities include a variety of custom installations, including field banners, seat kills, truss structures, and more. Our vinyl graphics are also incredibly fade-resistant, designed to maintain the same amount of contrast and vibrancy all season long. 

Looking to add a more unique element to your stadium? We also provide custom fan cut-outs. Printed directly on rigid coroplast, these cut-outs can be personalized and manufactured at scale and use a simple photo upload portal. Fill your stadium seats with your most passionate fans, even if they can’t yet be there in person. 

When it comes to your training and athletic facilities, we also offer a variety of mesh, vinyl, and decal solutions. For new recruits or visiting athletes, wayfinding signs provide an easy and efficient way to navigate your property. Especially if some buildings throughout your sports complex are currently closed or unavailable, installing proper graphics will help quickly inform guests and staff. 

Whether you welcome athletes to a court, stadium, track, or field, each of our activations are designed to meet your property’s unique specifications. From initial graphic design to project execution, our team works closely with each client to ensure cohesive branding throughout the entire installation. 

Interested in learning more about how we can help you and your team return this season? Request a quote today.