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Rebranding with the Sports Academy

Rebranding with the Sports Academy post preview image

Last week, AAA Flag & Banner partnered with the Mamba Sports Academy to complete a momentous and symbolic rebrand. In the four years since its founding, the complex has welcomed thousands of passionate basketball players and their families. Among them was the late Los Angeles Lakers great Kobe Bryant, who launched the Mamba Sports Academy in 2018 as a joint business venture with Sports Academy CEO Chad Faulkner. The name “Mamba” is a reference to Kobe’s nickname, “The Black Mamba,” which he gave to himself. 

Respecting the wishes of the Bryant family, the Sports Academy chose to rebrand the facility with the original name and logo from 2016. The comprehensive installation included a series of new court decals, fabric and vinyl banners, and other graphics placed throughout the complex. 

Photo credit to @dreamers and @officialsportsacademy

In a statement released by the Sports Academy, the organization will “retire the ‘Mamba’ in the Mamba Sports Academy name—to raise it to the rafters, where it belongs.” Kobe and Gianna’s legacy lives on at the Academy, serving as inspiration for all who have the opportunity to step foot on the court. 

The Sports Academy has locations in Thousand Oaks and Redondo Beach, CA.  Their mission is to have “a full-circle facility designed to update the way men, women and youth approach human performance, by creating a multi-platform environment that activates, educates and provides an opportunity for humans to unlock their full potential.”  Learn more at