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Port of Los Angeles TransPORTer Gets New Look Thanks to AAA Flag & Banner

Port of Los Angeles TransPORTer Gets New Look Thanks to AAA Flag & Banner post preview image

Earlier in January, AAA Flag & Banner helped the Port of Los Angeles spruce up one of its key educational tools in the community. After hours of hard work during the installation process, we were able to give a “like new” look to the exterior of the TransPORTer, a 53-foot-long trailer that teaches about the importance of the Port within the local community as well as globally.

According to AAA Flag & Banner Account Executive Richard N. Tamoush, the trailer needed extensive work before a new wrap could be applied. This started with removing the old wrap, which brought its own series of challenges. The trailer had sat virtually unused for the past 10 to 15 years, with one side exposed to the sun and other elements. In addition, there was significant rust on certain parts of the trailer, including a door which needed to be replaced.

AAA Flag & Banner’s installation team was up to the task. Working with the Port of Los Angeles, they were able to remove the old wrap and get the trailer prepared for installation. In all, more than 950 square feet of Carmark decal materials were used for the project.

The end result was a trailer that looks completely revitalized. According to Richard, the client is very happy with the results and can’t wait to take the TransPORTer out for its next educational visit.

This project is one example of the wide range of services that AAA Flag & Banner provides including printing, preparation and installation. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you bring your next visual design project to life.