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Our Event Marketing Consultation Service Timeline

Our Event Marketing Consultation Service Timeline post preview image

At AAA Flag & Banner, our services go beyond offering customized signs, installation and artwork graphics. Every advertising campaign in an event takes time, planning and patience to fully produce from start to end. If you are a company looking for consultation services for your event displays, we are the go-to source to get the task complete. Our team of designers, project managers, production specialists and installation technicians work hand in hand with your company’s event producers to conduct a successful advertising campaign that reaches out to all targeted demographics.

High-Quality Production from Start to Finish

Whatever you need for your event, we can achieve with our advertising knowledge and expertise. We have worked with some of the biggest events in the country, including VH1 Award Shows, the GRAMMY® Awards, the Academy Awards, professional car races, the Super Bowl and more. We make sure that your company is always aware of the progress of the event campaign and where it stands in terms of completion. With over 40 years of experience in the event pageantry business, we have what it takes to initiate a successful advertising campaign for any event, large or small.

Topnotch Teamwork and Extensive Experience

Throughout the entire production process, we at AAA Flag & Banner guide your company every step of the way, from planning and creating to installation and removal. When obstacles occur, such as location or weather issues, we act fast to resolve it so that your advertising campaign can be carried out accordingly. Depending on what your company needs, we can work with your production teams to bring the advertising vision to life or we can handle the project solo. It all depends on your preference and needs. We are happy to assist you in any way possible!

In order to complete our advertising goals, we follow an organized timeline to bring the production to completion.

  1. Attend Planning Meetings – We organize the event’s objectives with producers to determine expectations and staff jobs, as well as conduct research and review the message we want to convey.
  2. On Location Visits – We visit the site where the event will be held to plan key details.
  3. Conducting Customized Graphic Designs – The designs for the advertisements are created and built, which entails marketing concepts, revisions and approvals.
  4. Strategizing Directional Signage – The signs for the event are planned and produced for navigation purposes. Decisions on where the signs will be located are made.
  5. Sales and Rentals of Displays, Fixtures and Custom Apparatus – The sales and rentals of advertising displays are conducted and put into place.