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Oakland A’s Installation with AAA Flag & Banner

Oakland A’s Installation with AAA Flag & Banner post preview image

In baseball, you either go big or go home. From TV-visible field graphics to the dugouts, seating entrances, concession areas, and more, it’s the details that make for a world-class experience. 

With the help of AAA Flag & Banner, the Oakland A’s went big. With the help of our in-house production and installation teams, RingCentral Coliseum is now fully dressed with custom graphics and signage—ready to welcome back eager fans for the 2021 season. 

Helping the A’s Gear Up for the 2021 Season

With thousands of guests returning to the stadium this season, it’s important to make a strong first impression. Upon arrival, fans are greeted with free-standing Play It Safe signs, fitted with dye-sublimated fabric graphics that incorporate the A’s famous green and gold team colors, as well as welcome board decals located throughout the concourse. The iconic colors can be seen across the stadium, from the Home & Away dugouts to the backstop border decals and concession areas. To further incorporate the MLB team’s sponsors, we printed a series of corporate logos on matching green vinyl decals & banners that were installed inside the dugout as well as the on deck area padding, respectively. 

Creating an Immersive Experience for Fans Through Custom Graphics

When fans arrive at their home stadium, they expect to be surrounded with their team’s colors and logos. And with the help of our team of graphics experts, the Athletics are prepared to do just that. 

We produced several larger-than-life banners, portraying selected Athletics players, offering friendly and familiar faces as guests make their way to their seats. We also incorporated the team’s iconic “A’s” logo across a number of print applications, including floor decals, free-standing signs, hanging entrance signs, and more. 

The result? Fans find themselves immediately immersed in the A’s team spirit, no matter where they may be in the stadium. 

Creating a Memorable Season with the Help of AAA Flag & Banner

Whether your organization is entering a new season, already midway through, or prepping for a playoff run, AAA Flag & Banner’s crew of specialists are prepared to help you design the layout, graphics, and color schemes that will enhance the fan experience. From modular signage that can be easily moved from section to section as the season progresses to wall-mounted banners and field graphics that will survive the elements, we have you covered.

Looking to transform your stadium this season? Contact us for a quote today!

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