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Maximize Your Exposure with High-Impact Pole Banners

Maximize Your Exposure with High-Impact Pole Banners post preview image

From museum exhibits to concert venues, stadiums, college or university campuses, and more, pole banners offer a great degree of flexibility for generating large-scale awareness within a certain location. Small but mighty, these banners remain one of AAA Flag & Banner’s most popular installations.

Despite their size, these durable vinyl graphics are surprisingly versatile and can be used time and time again. With an easy installation and removal process, they’re most often used for high-turnover locations that require multiple and ongoing promotions.

For recurring events, pole banners are particularly popular. If you need to change the date, time, location, or other promotion details, each banner can be easily updated with new information using a simple strip of adhesive vinyl. Not only is this method incredibly cost effective for the client, but it is also a much more environmentally friendly option as graphics are reused for each event. Since the majority of these banners also lack grommets or other metal detailing, they can also easily be stored flat and in large quantities—taking up as little space as possible.

From navigating the banner application process to submitting the necessary permits, our team is extremely well-versed when it comes to executing a successful and seamless pole banner campaign. Whether you have 10 banners or 100, we’ll also make sure every piece is securely installed and easily accessible for future removal or replacement. Each of our crew members is trained to ensure that every activation remains as damage-free as possible.

Especially for private institutions—like universities, stadiums, health campuses, and more—installing pole banners throughout your own property is also an option. From bypassing the permitting process to saving on associated fees, there are definite advantages when it comes to using your own infrastructure. Not only can AAA Flag & Banner help outfit your property’s existing poles with the necessary mounting hardware, but we’ll also provide banner size and style recommendations for maximizing your impact.

Over the past two decades, our team has worked with hundreds of organizations to build successful and captivating campaigns that have generated thousands, if not millions, of impressions.

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