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Make Your Advertising Campaign Eco-Friendly

Make Your Advertising Campaign Eco-Friendly post preview image

Believe it or not, the materials that are used in visual marketing such as signs, banners and flags can be harmful to the environment, especially if they are not recycled. There are a variety of reasons why your company should aim to implement a green advertising campaign compared to the regular strategy. Using eco-friendly promotional items to get your message across to consumers can be extremely beneficial to your marketing objective.

We at AAA Flag & Banner have joined the green cause by offering eco-friendly signage products made out of biodegradable materials. The sustainable marketing banners and flags we provide meet the strict standards for toxic substances and air quality required under OEKO-TEX, an independent system for testing and certifying textile products. Some of the materials featured in our eco-friendly marketing products include bioboard, chorus, phototex and gossyp.

Sustainable Benefits

There is a sustainability fan base in contemporary consumerism that can be targeted while initiating a green advertising campaign. Over the past couple of years, brands have been held responsible for their advertising strategies and tactics, which has created a movement for companies to help improve the environment. As a company that has adapted a sustainable method to advertising, your business will be contributing to making the Earth a much better place to live. Your eco-friendly advertising campaign can also inspire others to protect and improve the environment as well. Using “greenvertising” techniques in your campaign is a versatile method of promotion that is cost-effective.

How to Market on the GREEN side

If you are wondering how to create an effective eco-friendly advertising campaign, we have provided a few tips to guide you down the green path.

  1. Adapt a Green Policy for your company: Let your community know that you take responsibility for the environment and that your company performs sustainable practices.
  2. Eco-friendly Products: Use sustainable advertising products such as biodegradable signs, flags and banners. Reach out to your green consumers with an eco-friendly promotional freebie.
  3. Partner Up With Environmental Organizations: Collaborating with other eco-friendly companies can enhance your marketing campaign while achieving new sustainable methods for your company.
  4. Educate: Teach your employees how to conduct sustainable practices within your business. This will make sure that your eco-friendly techniques are carried out properly in your advertising strategies.

Eco-Friendly Marketing Examples

There are numerous corporations around the world that have implemented sustainable practices into their advertisements. These examples can provide you with a few ideas for your next eco-friendly advertising campaign.

  • Billboard bamboo garden
  • Recycling material drive
  • Solar powered presentations
  • Wind-powered displays
  • Vinyl banners that turn into rain catchment systems
  • Real life organic exhibits
  • Signs that can produce drinking water from air moisture
  • Completely biodegradable signs
  • Energy-efficient displays

We at AAA Flag & Banner have a variety of eco-friendly advertising signs, banners and flags that can be used in any marketing campaign. For more information, check out our website and like us on Facebook!