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DPI Lounge Booth Makes the Trade Show Circuit with New Aluminum Framework

DPI Lounge Booth Makes the Trade Show Circuit with New Aluminum Framework post preview image

Getting attention at a trade show where there are hundreds, sometimes thousands of booths to check out, is often a competition with exhibitors employing a multitude of tactics to get noticed.  We’ve seen booths take up several spaces and go up two stories to make a mark on attendees. The graphics, design, and message are all key to capturing attendees’ attention and the booth itself should be inviting and engaging so that attendees want to linger.

Keeping these key components in mind when creating our own trade show booth, our creative director, Lauren Katz, designed the “DPI Lounge” to specifically promote our service offerings – Design, Print and Install.  We created a “bar” or “lounge” setting where attendees can sit at the counter with our team, chat about our offerings and flip through our website to review our latest projects or case studies. Our lounge can be changed up to be a liquor bar, cookie bar, coffee bar, juice bar, IT lounge, music lounge and beyond. The versatility of the lounge enables us to take it to a variety of events this year, altering it slightly for each event to fit the environment and ambiance. The giveaway items are also updated according to the events.

But how do you build a framework that’s easy to adjust, install and move from event to event? Simple. You invest in a framework that’s designed to do just that.  AAA Flag is now offering an aluminum modular system for any type of display, great for multiple uses such as exhibits, events, displays, pop-up stores, conference rooms and so much more! You can add television screens and shelves directly into the system. It works well with hard substrates and fabrics that attach with a silicon strip and you can backlight with LED lights. The “bar” you can pull up to at our DPI Lounge is also a storage area with cabinet doors on the backside. This framework makes your event options endlessly versatile.

Ask us how we can create a custom environment for your next event.