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Defying the Weather to Install Christie Van der Haak's Art at the Wolfsonian for Art Basel

Defying the Weather to Install Christie Van der Haak's Art at the Wolfsonian for Art Basel post preview image

Working in unpredictable weather with high winds and bouts of rain and heat can lead to its own set of challenges as our team works diligently to maintain the quality of each printed graphic while executing flawless placement and installation.


Recently, AAA Flag & Banner’s experts faced such inclement weather head on during the task to transform the iconic façade and lobby of the Wolfsonian into a striking display of contemporary Dutch design featuring bold patterns by the Hague-based artist Christie Van der Haak, just in time for Miami’s Art Basel event. In addition to the weather, the varied wall portions and large scale of the project presented additional challenges, ensuring that our team would need to bring out their A-game. No project is too big for our dedicated crew, and we knew they would deliver.


The Challenge

Before our installation professionals stepped in, the AAA Flag & Banner print team first leveraged four different materials to maintain color integrity and quality, while capturing the artist’s stunning artwork in print form. Once completed, the installation team went to work, expertly lining up wall, ceiling and floor graphics throughout the interior and exterior of the historic building. The interior was overhauled through a combined used of promo decals, art walk on the floor and show floors on the ramp, while the exterior of the building was enveloped in our 3M envision series wrap.


The Results

The result of this transformation, which was revealed in November of 2016, has truly led to a regal look and feel, transporting visitors to another time as they are immersed in the vivid use of color in the overarching design. Wolfsonian visitors will be able to enjoy the display through June of 2017.


As trusted design, print and installation experts, AAA Flag & Banner understands the importance of providing high-quality work and managing project deadlines regardless of unpredictable work conditions and environments. We pride ourselves on offering precise, professional, on-time work, every time. We’re pleased to have been a part of helping the Wolfsonian bring a visual masterpiece to life in their halls.