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Car Wrap Basics

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In this blog, we will discuss all you need to know about getting a car wrap.

What is a car wrap?

Car wraps are a form of advertising where a vehicle is either partially or completely covered in an advertisement. It is in a sense a mobile billboard.  This is achieved by wrapping the vehicle with decals that can be placed and then removed without damaging or changing the existing surface of the vehicle.

What type of vehicles can have a wrap placed on them?

Any type of vehicle can be viable for a wrap.  While buses and trains have a larger and more flat surface area to cover, any vehicle will work just fine.  The size of the vehicle doesn’t really matter.  AAA Flag & Banner can customize the graphic wrap to fit your vehicle perfectly.

Where on the vehicle can a wrap be placed?

Essentially the car wraps are called that because they can wrap most of the vehicle in which it will be placed on.  Wrap decals can be made for the rear side windows and rear window but for safety reasons cannot be placed on the front window and front side windows.  The rest of the vehicles body is pretty much fair game.  The wrap decals are divided into several pieces so that the vehicle can still function properly.  Even with the wrap on it is still possible to open and close the vehicle doors, use the trunk and fuel up with gasoline.

Is it safe to wrap a vehicle?

It is completely safe.  Wraps are printed on specialized material specifically for vehicles.  AAA Flag & Banner uses the highest quality 3M film with state of the art screen printing and digital technologies that make the wrap look as though the vehicle has been painted on without the permanence that paint has.  These wraps are car wash safe.  When you are finished with your wrap or when you need a change in the advertising message, the wrap can be safely removed leaving your vehicle looking the same as before the wrap was placed on the vehicle.

Why should I wrap my car?

Outdoor media plays a vital role in advertising and marketing.  It reaches consumers that are missed by other advertising avenues.  On a cost per impression basis, wraps are the most affordable technique.  AAA Flag & Banner offers custom pricing on their entire collection of car wraps. They have professionals that can help to design, create and place your advertising wrap on your vehicle.  Contact AAA Flag & Banner to discuss turning your vehicle into a business card with wheels.

Learn the basics about a car wrap.  Find out what it is, how it is used, whether they are safe or not.  AAA Flag & Banner can give you the answers you need.