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Branded Backdrops for Virtual Events & Conferences

Branded Backdrops for Virtual Events & Conferences post preview image

With consumers becoming increasingly more accustomed to accessing their media and sources of information online, the industry is experiencing heightened levels of engagement. As a result, many of today’s televised and streamed events are generating more viewership than ever before. 

How COVID-19 Has Changed the Streaming Landscape

To put this growth into perspective, a study published by Nielsen suggests viewership across connected devices is up approximately 81% since last year. And since the start of the pandemic, weekly time spent watching digital media grew by nearly 4 billion hours, just in the United States alone. 

This equates to significantly more impressions, whether that be through branded marketing materials, sponsorship placements, commercial spots, or more.

Virtual Content and Media Consumption Trends

Across the country, individuals are tuning in for press conferences, online webinars, interviews, and a variety of other digital offerings. Hundreds of large-scale events that were initially planned for in-person festivities were forced to rapidly adapt to an online format with many being postponed or canceled altogether. 

Similar to the virtual events space, the higher education industry is facing its own set of challenges. Across the country, colleges and universities have been hosting online orientation programs, and many have plans to welcome their freshman class with a virtual convocation ceremony this fall. 

AAA Flag & Banner Backdrops at COVID-19 Roundtable at UHealth in Miami, with Vice President Pence & Governor DeSantis 

Banners and Backdrops for Streamed Events

With millions of Americans tuning in on a daily basis, it’s important for organizations and institutions to offer a clear and consistent message for their viewers. In most cases, this can be as simple as a branded backdrop. And with the recent launch of our SafeTouch Fabric, all of our custom banners are capable of being 100% antimicrobial. 

Our team of in-house designers has worked with hundreds of clients across a variety of industries to create cohesive, on-brand graphics. Each individual backdrop is made to fit the client’s unique specifications. 

Particularly for events that may be photographed with distribution beyond the event itself (e.g. social media, press release, print media), having a branded backdrop offers additional exposure. 

These graphics can also easily be stored flat and reused for future events, or maintained on a day-to-day basis for ongoing use. 

Interested in printing a backdrop for your own event or conference?  Request a quote today.