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Assess, Collaborate, Activate — How to Safely Reopen with AAA Flag & Banner

Assess, Collaborate, Activate — How to Safely Reopen with AAA Flag & Banner post preview image

These past few months have placed an incredible amount of pressure on businesses across the globe. And even as reopening procedures start to take shape, it is important to understand the many limitations that still remain. How can we come together, yet safely stay apart? How can employees and visitors feel confident returning to a physical location or storefront? Navigating this next chapter of the coronavirus pandemic is no easy task—yet ensuring the health and safety of your guests and staff must remain a top priority. 

There is no single “playbook” when it comes to safely reopening during COVID-19. And the widespread implications of the pandemic have made it increasingly complex to return to work, let alone welcome customers back to a physical location. Many businesses are simply trying to use the resources they have at their disposal and do the best they can, attempting to adjust to new policies as they are implemented. But these constant changes can be costly and haphazard, jeopardizing both the business and the individual customers they are serving. 

We recognize that many companies are searching for an easy-to-execute reopening strategy, one that focuses on maintaining the health and wellbeing of all parties involved. Uniquely tailored to fit each client, our Three Step approach offers peace of mind for businesses across a variety of industries. We understand that a physical reopening is essential for many companies to survive the pandemic, and AAA Flag & Banner is here to support those initiatives however possible. 

Before working on any new activation, we begin our initial assessment. This includes site surveys, location measurements, and floorplan configurations. Once we’ve established a clear and accurate understanding of your property, we discuss all relevant safety guidelines and standards. All guidelines are CDC and OSHA compliant, designed to minimize potential exposure and risk for your staff and guests. 

Our team then begins drafting specific recommendations for your company’s safety protocol signage. This includes custom barriers, films, and other graphics that are designed for high-risk areas. From managing checkout queues to communal seating areas, kiosks, elevators, and more, our team will provide you with a 100% customized floorplan that includes all aspects of the reopening installation. 

Finally, we begin the implementation process. This includes all workplace modifications and graphic installations as well as any ongoing maintenance as safety protocols evolve. We keep close contact with all of our clients to ensure that any new changes—whether they be on a federal, state, or local level—can be easily updated at your location in a timely manner. 

If you’d like to see an example of one of our comprehensive reopening activations, read our post about the Miami Design Preservation League. We worked closely with MDPL to produce a variety of components, including germ shields, floor decals, antimicrobial film wraps, and more.

Interested in having a conversation with a member of our team about your company’s reopening strategy? We’re here to answer any questions you may have.