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2 Keys To An Effective Trade Show Display

2 Keys To An Effective Trade Show Display post preview image

In this AA Flag & Banner post, we will discuss the fast pace of trade shows, and how portability and visibility are key to an effective trade show display.

Many companies travel to multiple trade shows each year.  This can be tiring for both the employees that are traveling to the trade show as well as taxing on the trade show display itself.  AAA Flag & Banner has gone to hundreds of trade shows and knows what makes a display stand out from the rest. Use the tips below to ensure a successful trade show experience.


It is very important that your display is able to be taken down and reassembled with relative ease.  The last thing that you want is for your employees to have to spend hours each day breaking down and putting up your display.  This can result in lost hours at the trade show as well as disgruntled employees.  At a trade show, to get the most visibility from clients, you want to be set up already when potential customers arrive. Make sure that your displays are created with usability in mind to ensure smooth setup and break down.


Make sure that your trade show display is bright and engaging.  You want to bring potential vendors and customers into your booth, not drive them away.  Also make sure that your display is very warm and inviting, but also innovative based on your industry.  Try to make your display as interactive as possible to encourage those attending the trade show to participate in what you are doing in your booth.  There is usually one or two booths at each trade show that steal all of the visitors, it is because they are interactive and engage customers.  Hire AAA to help create a trade show display that will stand out.

If you create a trade show display with both visibility and portability in mind, you are sure to have a display that will be a hit at all of your trade shows.  Trade shows allow for you to showcase your business and brand and it is imperative that you hire a professional company to create your booth display.  Creating a lackluster booth display is sure to drive away potential customers at popular nationwide trade shows.  Your image is on the line at trade shows and you always must put your best foot forward when trying to grow your business.

Contact AAA Flag & Banner today! Our helpful representatives are ready to answer your call at 1-855-218-3300. We will be able to create the most memorable trade show display that will greatly benefit your business.